PT Debindomulti Adhiswasti highly keeps and values anything related to your privacy. This privacy sets out the types of personal information we collect, how we use your information, with whom we share the information and the choices you are able to make regarding the collection, the usage, and the disclosure of the information by us. We reserve the right to change this privacy policy from time to time by reducing or adding other provisions on this page. The changes for this policy will be announced on this website or through other address you give us. It is recommended to read this privacy policy periodically in order to know the newest update.
We do not sell, transfer, or trade customer personal information collected from online with thirdparties through mobile application, when you call or send us email or communicate with us through social media, as well as when you participate in our events or promotions, and through our parent company, affiliations, subsidiaries, also our business partners and other third parties. Submit your personal information through this Website, the personal information we collect may include:
Email Address
Telephone Number
We assume that the information you give us now and the changes you do in the future is accurate and right. If the information and the changes proven to be unreliable, then we do not take any responsibility for the outcomes resulting from the unreliable information and information changes.
Any of your personal information we collect from you may be used, or transferred to third parties (including related company, third party service providers, and third party sellers), for some or all these purposes:
To process, to validate, to confirm, to verify, to send, and to track your purchase (control the shipping and installation, and contact you regarding the order, including contacting you through phone)
To record your purchase information on our internal site
To response your questions and comments, and also provide customer support
To inform our products, services, offers, events, and promotions, also offer the products and services we believe that may suit your interest
To let you communicate with us through our official website, social media, and customer service feature on the application
To manage your participation in our events, lotteries, and other promotions
To adjust our products and services with your personal interest when visitors use our website, application, and social media asset
To operate, to evaluate, and to escalate the business, products, and services we offer
To analyze and increase communication and our marketing strategy (including with identifying if the email sent to you has been accepted and read)
To analyze the trend and statistics related to website, mobile application, and social media usage by the visitors, also the purchase done by the visitors at our counter
To give protection and prevent frauds, illegal transactions, other claims and obligations, alsoto manage the risk that may arise, including with identifying any hackers and other illegal users
To uphold the usage provision and our website’s terms and conditions
To obey the law, industry standardization and our applied policy
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