Debindo Network Outing “Together Towards Tomorrow”

Jakarta, 21 December 2018 - To strengthen the bonds between all of Debindo branches, Debindo held an outing on 19th to 20th December at Panjang Jiwo Resort. This activity was intended to create a positive company culture that truly understands the employees’ both physical and mental needs.

The theme of Debindo outing is “Together Towards Tomorrow” in which we share the same passion, the same curiosity and same goals as Debindo Network team. We look to continue working with all the branches to maximize opportunities and the collaborative benefits that come from working together as a group. Debindo also focuses on the significance of uniting as a group or community to successfully develop in defiance of global uncertainties.
Therefore, all the activities that we’ve done were very much based on the theme that we chose and believe to make Debindo evolving. The activities that we did were office trivia and team building games. These activities are the perfect way to bring employees together and make them understand the company better.

Furthermore, Debindo also conducted a yearly meeting. At the meeting, every branch updated their progress, shared their upcoming projects, exchange ideas and discuss objectives. This meeting is intended to reach a common agreement and create a feeling of continuity and solidarity in a body’s working.
Debindo hopes that after the outing, Debindo Network can think as one team to achieve a common goal, have one common vision and mission, and continuously share knowledge and resources in order to grow the business together.